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Hauppauge Troop 1606 Wins Girl Scout Bronze Award

Congratulations to Hauppauge Troop 1606 on earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Troop can achieve at the elementary level and the third-highest award in Girl Scouts of the USA. The recent graduates of Pines Elementary and Bretton Woods Elementary Schools will be receiving the award at the Hauppauge Public Library. The girls have worked with the library in the past, and the staff is proud to honor the Troop’s tremendous accomplishment there.

To earn a Bronze award, a Troop must put in a minimum of 20 hours building their team, exploring their community, choosing their project, planning it, putting the plan into motion, and spreading the word.

“The suggested hours help you think about your commitment to doing your very best with each step,” the guidelines for the Girl Scout Bronze Award state. “That’s different for every Girl Scout, so these hours aren’t a rule, just a friendly reminder. You’re a Girl Scout, which means you will earn your award with courage, confidence, and character and make a difference in the world around you!”

Sophia Brown, Autumn Foster, Milena Kunkel, Grace Lasauskas, Isabella Manteiga, Ava Takesky & Mia Tencic won the award by putting together a film on bicycle safety called “Let’s Ride.” “Let’s Ride” is a nine-minute film directed, written, and produced by the girls in Troop 1606. Some of the points they touched on in their film are the proper placement of a helmet before riding, the importance of bicycle upkeep, such as having your tires full of air, adequate amount of tire pressure, hand signal safety, and the three C’s of “Check, Call, and Care.” Some cameos in the film range from their parents to health experts, such as Dr. Robert Ozsvath, a Diagnostic Radiologist and Medical Director for Northwell Imaging; Melissa Gensel, an X-Ray Technician; and Jennifer Muilenburg, MS, ANP-C, L.AC.

You can watch the video here:

Photograph of Troop 1606 Courtesy of Kim Messina.