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Hauppauge Industrial Park Report Shows Potential for Economic Growth – Prompts Name Change

The Hauppauge Industrial Park Regional Competitiveness and Growth Strategies Report, commissioned by the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), shows that the Park “offers an exceptional opportunity for adopting an industry-focused approach to regional economic revitalization.”

The report provides guidance to help the Park become a major economic hub on Long Island, creating a new and exciting vision for Hauppauge’s economy. Read the full report here.

Theresa Ward, Chair of the Suffolk County IDA Board of Directors stated in a press release: “The Hauppauge Industrial Park has been a significant hotbed for economic development and growth and this reimagining of the Park gets everyone involved in economic development in this region excited because the potential is so real and obtainable.” 

As a result of report, the Hauppauge Industrial Park announced a name change. It will now be called Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge. Terri Alessi-Miceli, President & CEO of HIA-LI, commented about this on her blog: “Our proven capacity for innovation will be the key to decades of new growth, so innovation is now our middle name.”