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Hauppauge High School Science Olympiad Team Third Place Finish & Invitation to Participate in New York State Competition

The Hauppauge High School Science Olympiad Team came in third place in the Eastern Long Island Regional Competition hosted by Hauppauge High School and qualified to participate in this year’s New York State Science Olympiad.

The following Hauppauge High School students were winners:

Anatomy and Physiology: 6th Place – Danielle Liu and Alex Vasilakopoulos

Astronomy: 6th Place – Aaryan Chandra and Noah Schwartzapfel

Boomilever: 7th Place – Pritham Katla and Rachel Ma 

Chemistry Lab: 1st Place – Melody Cheng and Jalaj Mehta 

Circuit Lab: 8th Place – Sai Munagavalasa and Emma Vasilakopoulos 

Code Busters: 3rd Place – Melody Cheng, Sreevarshini Karthikeyan, and Shivani Rao 

Designer Genes: 2nd Place – Danielle Liu and Emma Vasilakopoulos 

Detector Building: 2nd Place – Jalaj Mehta and Noah Schwartzapfel 

Disease Detectives: 3rd Place – Jalaj Mehta and Alex Vasilakopoulos

Dynamic Planet: 10th Place – Griffin Capece and Liz Furman

Experimental Design: 10th Place – Sreevarshini Karthikeyan, Pritham Katla, and Noah Schwartzapfel 

Forensics: 7th Place – Jalaj Mehta and Shivani Rao 

Fossils: 4th Place – Sai Munagavalasa and Tyler Xu
6th Place – Snehal Adabala and Liz Furman 

Gravity Vehicle: 6th Place – Rachel Ma and Jalaj Mehta 

Machines: 4th Place – Noah Schwartzapfel and Emma Vasilakopoulos 

Ornithology: 3rd Place – Liz Furman and Sarah Shaik 

Protein Modeling: 6th Place – Danielle Liu, Shivani Rao, and Alex Vasilakopoulos 

Water Quality: 7th Place – Sai Munagavalasa and Tyler Xu 

Wright Stuff: 10th Place – Pritham Katla and Rachel Ma 

Write It Do It: 3rd Place – Griffin Capece and Kashi Benkal

The Hauppauge High School Science Olympiad Team’s coaches were Dennis Petercsak and Briana Becker. Several individuals from Hauppauge High School’s Science Department also helped, including Mike Foley, Jocelyn Handley-Pendleton, Carolyn Heck, and Christine Sammon.