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Brainfuse’s Live Tutoring Hours Extended for Suffolk County Residents

Residents of Suffolk County now have access to free tutors from 10 AM – 11 PM daily through Brainfuse. As one of the nation’s leading online tutoring services, Brainfuse offers parents and their children a wide range of tools such as test prep and help with schoolwork for grades K through 12.

This tutoring service is available to all Suffolk County Public Library card holders for no charge. Whether a student is attending in person or remote classes, the hope is that they are given the best chance to succeed with the help of Brainfuse’s tutors. Librarians across Suffolk County agree. This is a great opportunity for the classroom.

“Brainfuse’s live tutor sessions being offered more hours per day will help all students during this challenging year regardless of age,” says Matthew Bollerman, Chief Executive Officer of the Hauppauge Public Library, “parents and students will have access to tutors of all subjects, including math, science, English and social studies.”

For additional information, contact your local library.